KidBlog was MADE FOR TEACHERS! This could not be easier and I hope you agree.

Watch some tutorials.

I think you will be HOOKED!

There are samples to guide you at your table if you need help at any point.

This is the file for you to print at home.

Look at this resource for ideas of how to use KidBlog in a writing classroom(and lots of other ways).

And when you want to get started on your OWN KIDBLOG... click hereto get all the details and video tutorials you'll need to help you do it and support you back in your classroom.

LET'S NUMBER OFF.... 1, 2, 3, 4...

Here is your Assignment:

Log on to OUR KidBlog.

Click HERE to go to OUR KidBlog. OUR KIDBLOG

Click in the TOP RIGHT CORNER where it says LOGIN. You'll find your STUDENT NUMBER in the pull down at login.

Your Password is: r12blogging (all lowercase and all one word)


Watch me make a post in response to the first post.'s your turn to comment.

After your comment, it is your turn to post. Your POST can be anything you wish! Have fun writing and knowing your writing will be reaching a global audience!

Finished Early?

Set up a Login and password for yourself and start your OWN CLASS BLOG!